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Bless & Protect Your Land Kit- Instructions

You're Almost Ready to Bless Your Land!

Thank you for purchasing a blessing kit from Your kit includes tools to help you bless your land and clear away any negative energy that has been imprinted on it.. Please read ENTIRELY before you begin.

Important: The most important thing you can provide is positive energy and thoughts on the peace, calm and security you would like in your home. Your intention is the most powerful tool you have.

What’s included in your kit?

  • 01

    Blessing Salt, Black Sage

  • 03

    4 bags of stones that include  (amount is based on the size of your home):

    • Tumbled Amethyst
    • Sodalite
    • Black Tourmaline
    • Clear Quarts Stones

To Begin:

Step 1: Blessing Salt

Sprinkle the salt around the edges of the property. The blessing salt will slowly dissolve into the land over time creating a protected barrier in your land.

Step 2: Black Sage

Black Sage (mugwort) is an herb that is burned to clear away negative energy and leaves a space like a blank space. Since this outdoor application leaves a blank space consider how you would like the land to feel. Work in unison with Mother Nature to create a peaceful environment. Smudges and Sages have been used in Native American and many other cultures for hundreds of years. Light the sage bundle and blow out the flame. Let it burn until it stops on its own.

Step 3: STONES (Outside)

Place one at each set of stones in the property corner. You do not have to bury it unless you want to or you think it will be taken. If you do bury it there is no depth that is required-just use your judgment.

What the Stones Represent:

Clear quartz (clear): clears away negative and unwanted energy, allowing focus and stability

Rose Quartz (Pink): Carries the energy of love and helps with grief, heartache, loss

Sodalite (blue) : Carries the energy of clarity and partnership, clears and protects spaces

Black Tourmaline (black): Absorbs negativity and helps to maintain the boundaries of the land