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My Heart Will Go On Kit- Instructions

You're Almost Ready to Bless Your Heart!

Thank you for purchasing a blessing kit from The My Heart Will Go On kit will help to amplify the energies in a relationship as well as bless your space and clear away negativity. The amplification of energies in a relationship will either heal and mend broken places or help things to end peacefully if that is what is for your highest good. Please read ENTIRELY before you begin.

Important: The most important thing you can provide is positive energy and thoughts on the peace, calm and security you would like in your home. Your intention is the most powerful tool you have.

What’s included in your kit?

  • 01

    Blessing Salt

  • 02

    Rose Petals & White Sage bundle 

  • 03

    4 or more small bags of small stones that include  (amount is based on the size of your home):

    • Large Clear Quartz
    • Small Clear Quartz
    • Malachite
    • Rose Quartz

  • 04

    Small White Candle

  • 05

    Orange Chime Candle w/essential oils specifically for this kit

  • 06

    Paper with gold ribbon

To Begin:


This candle has been blessed with special oil designed to assist in blessing your home. Clear your mind and set the intention of peace, love and calm in your home. You’ll want to write your intentions on the outside of the candle. You can write words like prosperity, good health, security, peace, love, etc. in permanent marker. Light the candle to begin the blessing. Allow the candle to burn until it is done. If you don't want to leave the candle unattended then you can relight it when you are ready. DO this step first.


Sprinkle the salt around your doors and window sills as desired (inside or outside the home) to clear the energy going in and out.


Sage is an herb that is burned to clear away negative energy. Native American Tribes and many other Shamanic cultures have used it for lifetimes. The rose petals are connected to love, specifically family and romantic energies. Light the sage bundle and lightly blow out the flame. Use the smoke to clear unwanted energy from yourself and your home. Make sure to walk with the sage and get the smoke in all of the areas of your house including closets and cabinets. Be thorough. It is also very helpful to have your windows open during this process. Be sure to use an ashtray or something similar to catch the ash as the sage burns. Remember that your sage may burn longer if there is more negative energy to clear. Do not leave unattended. Use sparingly if you cannot handle smoke. (There is also sage spray available on

Step 4: OUTSIDE STONES (not included for apartments): Use the stones in the bag with 4 large, clear stones.

Clear quartz clears away negative and unwanted energy. Place one clear quartz stone outside of your home at the property corners. You do not have to bury it unless you want to or you think it will be taken. If you do bury it there is no depth that is required-just use your judgment.


There is one small bag for each corner in your home. You can leave the stones in the bags when you place them or you can take them out. Place each bag of stones in each corner of the inside of your home. (If you have two stories in your home, etc you will need to do each floor.) These do not go in the corner of each room but in the furthest corners of the house. Please include the basement. These stones should be washed once a year to clear the energy off of them.


This candle has been blessed with special oils designed to assist in blessing and learning away old stuck energies with a relationship. Allow the candle to burn until it’s done.


This scroll is part of the magical manifesting energy of the Heart Will Go On kit. Write a letter to the universe. What would you like to see happen with the use of this kit? If your partner wants to be involved in the process allow them to write on the back of the scroll. When you have completed the letter, regardless of whether your partner has decided to participate, tear it into small pieces but not so small you couldn’t put it back together. Take the pieces and put them in the love corner of your home. 

The Feng Shui map is below. These can be hidden or out in the open but keep the pieces together. You should start to see subtle changes come about within the relationship. If the relationship is not healthy or is not supposed to last you will see signs of that shortly after you use the kit. Just because things start to shake does not mean they will fall apart. Often change, even for the better, doesn’t always feel so good in the beginning. As things progress observe the changes and see what direction they lead your relationship in.

Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it. Use this map to clear areas in your home that represent the energies you would like to bring in your life. The most simple way to use Feng Shui is to make sure that your house is clean and uncluttered. Having living plants and important mementos or items that represent each area and what you would like to create is important as well. Doing this allows the free flow of energy. Use the bottom part of the map as the front or main entrance. For example, if your front door is in the middle of the front wall of your house it would be the “Career and Journey” section of the map. Since not all houses are boxes, use your best judgment. For more info on Feng Shui and how it works you can look online or read about it. Us the bagua map above by overlaying it on your home using the career and Journey as your front door entry.