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Bless Your Workspace Kit- Instructions

You're Almost Ready to Bless Your Workspace!

Thank you for purchasing a blessing kit from Home Sweet Home Blessings. In this kit you will find everything you need to bless your workspace and clear away negative energy. Please read ENTIRELY before you begin.

Important:  The most important thing you can provide is positive energy and thoughts on the peace, calm and security you would like in your home. Your intention is the most powerful tool you have.

What’s included in your kit?

  • 01

    4 or more small bags of small stones that include  (amount is based on the size of your home):

    • Small Clear Quartz
    • Sodalite

  • 02

    Agate Coaster

  • 03

    Bless Your Workspace Blessing Spray

To Begin:


Place each small bag of stones containing sodalite and clear quartz in either the four corners of your office or cubicle or, if you don’t have a traditional workspace, place them around your workspace so that they surround you. They do not have to be visible.

What the Stones Represent:

Clear quartz (clear): Clears away negative and unwanted energy, allowing focus and stability (All kits)

Sodalite (Blue): Provides clarity and focus as well as enhancing performance and helpful work related partnerships.


Agate is one of the most versatile and grounding stones available. By placing your cup or bottle on the coaster you are infusing your beverage with the grounding energy of agate. Agate also helps keep the mind clear and logical as well as increasing productivity and focus.


The blessing spray is formulated to work like sage in clearing the space but without the smoke. THere are additional essential oils that help keep the mind alert and focused. You can use it as often or as little as you like. Most people do work with others who bring their energy into our workspace. If someone’s energy leaves you feeling drained or overwhelmed use the spray after they leave your workspace.