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Blessing Salt

We offer a variety of blessing salt to protect and empower your home and your life. Use the salt to clear unwanted energy, bless your home and attract positive energy such as peace, abundance, love, clarity, transformation, and healing. Sprinkle the blessings!

The Benefits of our Blessing Salts

Cleansing & Clearing

Clear negative or stagnant energy from your spaces and your life. Our blessing salt is made to be sprinkled throughout your home, especially around doors and windowsills. The salt cleanses and purifies the energy going in and out of your house.

Blessing & Protection

Our blessing salt is crafted to help bless and protect you, your land and your house. When sprinkled outside, it soaks into the earth and creates a protective barrier around your property.

Attracting & Manifesting

Use our blessing salt to attract positive energy into your home and your life. As a part of a home blessing ritual, you can use it manifest peace, clarity, money, love, and healing. There’s even a salt to help you sell your house!

Our Best Selling Blessing Salt

Peace, Love & Happiness Blessing Salt
Peace, Love & Happiness Blessing Salt

This blessing salt will help those who need more love in their life. This could include self-love, family love, romantic love, or brotherly love. The intention is to bring love into your life or cause the necessary changes in your life that bring you closer to your own version of peace, love, and happiness.

Great For: Peace, love, and happiness.

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