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Blessing Candles, Made with Essential Oils

Our blessing candles are special for so many reasons. All are crafted with therapeutic grade essential oils and organic herbs for a naturally scented home blessing experience. Each candle is designed to help you transmute negative energy and attract the highest levels of positive, spiritual energy. Light up your life!

The Benefits of our Blessing Candles

Essential Oils, Naturally Scented

Artificially scented candles can release toxic chemicals. Our blessing candles are made with therapeutic-grade essential oils, organic herbs and high-grade palm wax for your healing and well-being.

Releasing & Attracting

What do you want to let go of? What do you want to bring into your life? Our essential oils and herbal combinations have been specifically selected to help you break curses, let go of grief, or attract your greatest desires.

Blessing Your Home

Using our blessing candles on a regular basis will help clear stagnant energy and welcome positive energy. The natural scents will soothe, enliven and heal your spaces, and invite in the highest spiritual vibrations.

Our Best Selling Candle!

New Moon Candle
New Moon CandleNew Moon Candle

Created with love and care using therapeutic grade essential oils, organic herbs, and high-grade palm wax. 

This candle is great for New Beginnings, and to Transmute Negativity

Buy blessing candles now. Dozens to choose from!

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