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Sage Bundles

Our sage bundles (also known as sage sticks or smudge sticks) are harvested, collected and wrapped with love. We offer a wide variety of sage bundles with different types of sage, all suited to what you want to clear from your home, body and life. Made to cleanse, purify and protect, our smudging bundles are an empowering part of your sacred rituals.

The Benefits of our Sage Bundles

Cleansing & Clearing

For hundreds of years, sage has been used to purify energy in spaces and around the body. Burning sage bundles creates a smoldering, cleansing smoke that clears negative energy. This is what’s known as “smudging.”

Attracting Good Energy

The sage and other plants in our bundles and smudge sticks are specially selected to attract positive energy into our homes and lives, such as balance, protection, healing, peace, prosperity, and a good night’s sleep.

Blessing Your Home

You can design your own home blessing kit, and a sage bundle is a good way to start. Choose the type of sage that you feel will clear the negative energy in your spaces, then add in your choice of salt, candles and crystals.

Our Best Selling Sage!

7 Chakra Sage
7 Chakra Sage

White sage wrapped in rose petals to represent each of the 7 Chakras.

Use this blend to balance your Chakras and improve your energetic flow.

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